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Oct. 15th, 2008 01:47 pm
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I know it looks like I sit around doing a lot of nothing, but when you have a newborn there is really not a lot you can do except for feed him and change him. And hold him in between. The house is not as clean as I'd like and I have stacks of things I'm supposed to get to (sewing scout patches on shirts this morning was about the limit--I just can't sew with small people around). So whatever I do has to be something I can accomplish with infant in arms. Which is reading (and the part of writing involving thinking, I suppose). I can't just sit there and stare at the wall. And even if I had TV, I think I have some kind of mental block, because I get really bored watching it. So hurray, books! If you like books about books, Whales on Stilts! by M.T. Anderson was really funny. I also liked A Crooked Kind of Perfect, maybe because I'm learning to play the organ, too (luckily I don't have to play the same songs).

In writing I'm building my plot on the wall again. When I'm stuck I need to go through and work tactilely, I don't know why. My kids find this completely unremarkable--there's Mom putting up her story on the wall again, they said. They probably think everyone's mother decorates her bedroom with plot points. What I've got is a lot of scenes that need sense made of them. What I need is to find the linchpin for my entire emotional structure; und zwar the thing that will hurt my MC most and make him most vulnerable and weak, and yank it out from under him. What cruel people writers are. I swear I'm nice in real life.

Organ practice tonight. I need to play around with registration. It was way too quiet on Sunday. (Not just volume--it needed a higher sound.) I hope people stay out of there tonight because I'd like to bring some music along and experiment with stuff I can't really play for public consumption, but want to enjoy, mistakes and all.

A happy day to you all!


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